My Early Music


I wrote a short suite for piano in my teens.  You can see the score (pdf files) and hear the pieces (midi files) by clicking on the buttons below:   

My Suite

  Phrygy Nocturne Dance Fugue Chorale Cantabile
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This is an early song that I wrote for a very good friend.  It is sung by a consultant paediatrician (though he was an A&E SHO at the time of production)!

    Autumn Life (2.7MB mp3)


Here is song with a bit of a social conscience.  Decide for yourself whether Seaweed on vocals is a good thing or not!  Either way he is certainly better than me!

    Under my bridge (2.8MB mp3)


My last piece is something that every 70s composer had to have a go at - namely the concept album!  As it is rather old the quality of the recording is a bit iffy, but the songs shine through!  The album, and it is a collection of songs, lasts for around 30 minutes and is based around the concept of a nuclear holocaust told through nursery rhymes.  The whole thing is called "The Nursery Rhymes".  Unless you have broadband don't even try to download it as it is about 20MB.  If you do have broadband and you have some time to spare - enjoy!

    The Mushroom Rhymes