I have written an album called "A Better Place" under the name "SnakeByte".   The music you are listening to is a track called "Sunrise" and if you would like to view the score click here.   Click here to visit the PeopleSound website where you can hear, download or even purchase(!) a CD single of a couple of tracks from the album.

            If you have Broadband you can download the mp3 files


             Dreamstar (2.15 MB)

             Floating (13.6 MB)

             Another Garden (4 MB)

                                             Alcasce (5.7 MB)

                                             Before Time (4.7 MB)

                                              At Peace (2.78 MB)

                                              A Better Place (6.8 MB)


                                            and more recently

                                                Silent Speed (7.8MB)

I sent a tape of some previous music to Virgin.  Click on the letter below to see a full-size copy of their reply.


            Click here to hear the song "Something's Happening" (2.1 MB mp3)