Eight Things you might not know about me!

1.    Backgammon

In 1994 I won the Irish Open Championship!  I also won the National Mensa Backgammon tournament in 1993


2.    Cycling

Over the last 20 years I have done the London to Brighton Cycle Ride more times than not which helps to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 


3.    Melody Maker

Do you remember that mag?  Well with my musical brilliance (helped by brother Seaweed) my photo appeared in 1985.  Just look for 26 January on page 29.  So it was a competition, but the photo was there!


4.    Jamming with Brian Wilson  

Regrettably I don't have a photo of this!  However back in the old days when I used to work at Knebworth Park in the hols and get free passes into the concerts, after the Beach Boys had played they came back to the house where I was socialising with some friends and we met the stars themselves.  Not only that but I played the piano with Brian Wilson!


5.    Video with Kylie

This is really one of Nicholas's moments.  For those of you who used to watch Saturday morning TV there was a time when Ant and Deck hosted a show called SMTV.   The viewers were invited to send in songs, and then Ant performed them, sometimes with guests.  Well who can be seen miming to the song that Nicholas and I put together - none other than Kylie Minogue!!!


6.    Letter from Virgin   

Further details of quite a polite letter from Virgin Records asking for more songs can be found under Snakebyte


7.    The Day I saved a life

From the local newspaper (Ealing Gazette) you can see that I happened to be in the right place at the right time!


8.    Publications

OK so this isn't the most interesting part - but here are some of my publications.