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Disneyworld San Francisco Winning the Irish Backgammon Championship in 1994
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Verona Skiing with Nicholas Looking cool!


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Barcelona What a Giza! But where is this one?!


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Chichen Itza in Mexico Abu Simbel Hot Chicken Soup?

Philae Karnak Valley of the Kings


Going for a Swim Where's this Clanger? Lake Louise, Canada


Jackson Square

New Orleans

Another obelisk? Isola Bella (Lake Maggiore)


Click on the photo above to see short video of holiday (12MB real file (.rm)) What a Goof! A Blooming Giant in Kew
Berlin Brighton by bike Champers  at Glyndebourne


Charles Bridge, Prague It's all Greek Niagra Falls


Wailing wall, Jerusalem "Dead" Cool Taj Mahal


I climbed this bridge!


(Ayer's Rock)

Raffles for a "Sling"

in Singapore


Dune Bashing in Dubai Montreux

Faster driver!



There's a big one!

New York,  New York

Big Square in Madrid

Fountain of Youth

in Rome?


What a place!

To see where it came from originally click here (Temple of Luxor)

Another Triumph! Wizard hat at MGM, Disney
Busch Gardens with Gwazi wooden rollercoaster in background - worth it for that alone! I lost my Mummy in Universal Studios, Florida Magic Kingdom in Florida

In the Ice Bar in Stockholm,

and it was seriously cold!

On the bridge of the Enterprise

(In Las Vegas)

Las Vegas from a stratospheric height
You can see where I am from the small writing behind Atlanta - home of Coca Cola Skiing in St Anton, Austria
Vilamoura, Algarve Kemer, Turkey.  Also visited Aspendos which is a large amphitheatre Team Wyeth at BAP in Harrogate
Water water everywhere...  Amsterdam What a sight in Verbier! Christ, it must be Rio!

In Search of the Holy Grail

 in Rosslyn Chapel

Dublin is good for you! Underground Hospital in Jersey

Petra, Rose-red city,

 half as old as time

Seven pillars of Wisdom

Wadi rum, Jordan

St Catherine's Monastery


But where is the third man

in Vienna?

Duomo, Milan San Diego
Gardening in Copenhagen Up Pompeii In Napoli with Vesuvius


Being Saintly in Assisi The Old Bridge in Florence Leaning over in Pisa


Horseplay in Siena

The Tallest Tower in the World:

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Blue Mosque in Istanbul
A Grand Place in Brussels Bird's Nest Soup in Beijing Seokgurum Cave in South Korea.  Inside is a very attractive budha
Being Ernest in Havana Not drinking in Riyadh, Saudi Croome Park.  Built by my great, great, great, great, great grandfather!  The 6th Earl of Coventry
Asklepion in Kos where Western medicine began